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Uitenhage settlement


Towards the end of the 18th century settlers settled in the Swartkops River valley.  Gert and Johanna Scheepers were amongst them and their farm called De Rietvallei was the site of what was to become the town of Uitenhage

wagonKnown as the Garden Town, Uitenhage was originally a farming community on the banks of the Swartkops River. Which as today grown into a thriving commercial and industrial area without loosing its picturesque charm. Situated only 30 km from the coast. 
It was founded in 1804 and is named after commissioner General J.A. Uitenhage de Mist.  

By 1875 the transport of produce to and from the town of Uitenhage and harbour of Port Elizabeth necessitated  that a railway line be constructed between the two towns. This link later became part of the main railway line to Cape Town and the branch lines to the Great Karoo. Railway Workshops for the Eastern Cape were established in Uitenhage providing another source of growth and revenue for the town.

In the 1880s the signalman at the Uitenhage station, who had lost both legs in an accident, trained a baboon called Jack to pull the signal levers. The baboon did the job for 9 years until his death.

Uitenhage was incorporated as a municipality in 1877 and as well as the historical building there are many fine modern ones with up to date facilities including the Cuyler Hospital Complex. See side Column.

Photo Alex Cummings © Cuyler Manor 

Cuyler Manor

Uitenhage is an ideal place to live and work this is proven by some of

the long term involvement by internationally known companies such as Volkswagen and Good Year. 
It is justifiably proud of it's schools such as College Hill, Muir, Daniel Pienaar etc. 

The Springs Resorts and the Groendal Nature reserve are situated just out side the town.

Historical Buildings etc

  • Cuyler Manor (1814) 
  • The Old Drostdy (1809) 
  • The Old Station Museum (1875) 
  • The Town Hall (1822) 
  • Heugh  "Slave House" (1834) 
  • The Old Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk(1843) 
  • The Victoria Tower (1898) 
  • The Scheepers House (1815)

Photo's © web page design  The Old Railway station is now a Museum

cuyler station

The old and the new This is the entrance to the ultra modern Cuyler Hospital several old historical buildings have been renovated and are used as specialist consulting rooms.

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